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(This video is target for the esoteric listener) Haven’t got out my Bluesbird in a while so thought I would today. Because of it’s thick sound my mind and hand technique automatically say “Cream” style Clapton and ultimately I never play as natural to myself as I do when I have my Fender in hand. (like the the last video) Anyway, thought I’d try and emulate as best as possible the intensity EC displayed in Live Cream. Warning: It’s Frantic - but then again, so was Cream.  

I never get tired of EC’s version of this song. If you don’t have the patience to watch the whole thing - load the vid exactly 5 min in. His melodic sense and touch is still miles ahead of everyone. This is the kind of playing that encompasses every quality I tr y to bring out in my own playing. & in the fine words John Mayer “E.C is the only guitar player who can touch everybody with his playing. His melodic sense is just unbelievable”…so with that said, turn up & tune out. -T

Was finger picking a chord progression, so looped it,  then decided to have some fun with it. -T